Welcome women professionals from Women in Aviation! We are happy you are here! We are currently in Milwaukee and won't be able to make it down to Dallas for the greatest Celebration of Women pilots!  This is our third summer and we're excited for a few new introductions and modifications of last years line of clothes for women pilots. Specifically, UV material for those summe days, more Darts, cooler breathing bamboo and maybe even a few surprises.   We'll be revamping the entire web page to implement a simple shopping cart and we'll keep you posted when those get close.

In the meantime, enjoy the company of other women pilots and professionals and please share Flare with those that may not know what we are.  Our new web page has a recommendations section that women can submit likes, dislikes, ideas and just rants about what they would like to see. 

We'll keep on working and burning the candles late at night, but we love what we do.  Have a drink for us ladies and please send us a picture or two.  W
10/3/2012 06:55:42 pm

A little off-topic but just wanted to say I liked the layout of the site


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    Erika S.  3rd Generation pilot.  My grandmother flew for the Civil Air Patrol in WWII.  I am currently a nurse and decided to make this clothing company to help women pilots because there was nothing in existence for professional women that wasn't condescending.


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